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Prostatitis is a disease of the male prostate, which occurs spontaneously, and there is a classic trend: the older a man is the more likely he may get prostatitis. This is quite a specific disease, which sometimes even seems to give no symptoms. It is often diagnosed when a man visits a doctor due to the problems with infertility. This disease is characterized by the absence of visual symptoms and the possibility of occurrence in a hidden form.

The prostate gland presents an organ which is responsible for the production of prostatic secretion, which mingles with the seminal fluid and provides the activity of spermatozoons, protects them from adverse external conditions.

When this gland is inflamed, there appears prostatitis. This disease is concerned with problems with urinating, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction. The symptoms of prostatitis can be similar to diseases such as prostate cancer and BPH (that is, cases of enlarged prostate).

There are several types of the malady: acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, and chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.

The possible consequences of complications

At first glance, it is not so dangerous a disease as many men suppose. But the problem is that if the treatment of prostatitis is not provided, you may experience complications, some of which can even lead to death. Here are the most frequent of them:

  • Change of the form of prostatitis from acute to chronic;
  • Changes in the structure of the bladder with further painful urinary retention;
  • Infertility;
  • Cystitis of various forms;
  • Pyelonephritis or thrombophlebitis;
  • Abscess of the prostate;
  • The occurrence of sepsis (gangrene of the internal tissues of the gland which are not getting the required nutrition from the blood).

Symptoms and prevention

In order to timely detect the disease, you must know the main signs of prostate problems:

  • Disturbance of the urinary system: pain in the lower abdomen, frequent and painful urination;
  • Increased nervousness and anxiety;
  • Disturbance of sexual function.

Doctors recommend that men do take care of their health and comply with recommendations that can protect you from prostate disease.

Activity, motion, good sexual life, proper diet, exercise, and quitting pernicious habits will allow you to protect yourself from danger. Every man should take steps to prevent the development of prostatitis as the consequences might be most severe. You should get into a habit of annually visiting a urologist with the purpose of examination and timely prevention of problems with the urogenital system.

Prevention of prostatitis should enter into a daily set of rules of every man. What should be the effective prevention?

1. Dismiss a possibility of overcooling (do not sit on cold surfaces).

2. Have regular sex.

3. Have the condition of your prostate examined 1–2 times per year.

4. Do not abuse alcohol, as well as fried, canned and spicy food.


Treatment for prostatitis usually comprises the following steps:

1. Antibacterial therapy. In this case, antibiotics of selective action are used, but first you must go through the necessary analyses to detect the pathogen.

2. Physical therapy. It is primarily a massage of the prostate gland in order to prevent the occurrence of blood clots and restore normal blood circulation.

3. Phytotherapy consists in using different herbs and oils that improve the general condition of a patient and facilitate fighting the infection.

4. The use of adjuvants – medicines which are aimed at the activation of protective forces of an organism.

For chronic non-bacterial prostatitis treatment, doctors also use alpha adrenergic blockers. They help in relaxing the muscles of prostate; these drugs are one of the BPH treatment options as well.

The approach to each patient should be individualized, depending on the peculiarities of his condition.

Treatment for chronic prostatitis requires patience. In addition to conventional medical support, each patient should regularly carry out a prostate massage.

Why is the prostate massage so beneficial? The best way to massage the prostate by yourself

At the later stages of prostatitis, standard treatment with antibiotics may be no longer effective. Since ancient times, the best treatment for this disease has been massaging your prostate, sometimes with special ointments made of herbs. It can be regarded as natural cure for prostatitis, in contrast to medical preparations. The main purpose of self-massage is to achieve the production of secretion for normalization of blood flow. As is shown by the modern practice, ancient doctors were completely right, using such method of treatment. Now it is successfully used as an additional (or even the main) way to cure the prostate and restore its function.

To avoid embarrassing situations, you can carry out massage on your own. For this you will need a special device – Prostata Help MP-1, a wonderful device for self-massage, which has no rivals.

Note that using sexual toys for this purpose is fraught with complications as they are meant not for medical treatment but purely for sexual pleasure, and have a number of disadvantages such as material, size, stiffness, etc.

If you carry out the massage correctly, you can easily and effectively prevent any disease of the prostate gland. A positive result depends on the correctness of using the massager.

The main advantages of the massage in general and Prostata Help MP-1 in particular:

  • It relieves the symptoms of prostatitis and gradually cures it.
  • It is very effective in cases of BPH. The massage device will stimulate the flow of semen and improve its circulation, and this in turn improves the potency and prevents the development of impotence.
  • Prostate massage helps detect the presence of cancer cells or infection in the gland. The problems with this organ can be found at the early stage of their development during the massage. The sooner the problem is determined, the sooner it can be eliminated.
  • Self-massage also helps drain the semen that has accumulated in the gland. The accumulation of fluid in most cases causes enlargement and inflammation.
  • Prostata Help MP-1 reduces the muscle tension in the prostate area. Under the mechanical influence the muscles are reduced, which contributes to elimination of the stagnation of blood in the prostate.
  • Massage improves blood circulation in the prostate, providing a sufficient flow of oxygen needed for recovery.
  • Relaxing massage cleans the prostate.
  • Regular massage will help avoid the emergence of prostate cancer.
  • In cases of enlarged prostate there are difficulties with urination, and using this massager decreases pressure on the urethra. The massager helps normalize urination in cases of the prostate enlargement.
  • It relieves pain.

Another advantage of Prostata Help MP-1 consists in the fact that it produces special vibrations, which greatly enhance the effect.

Contraindications for using Prostata Help MP-1

Before you start using the device, you must get examined for the presence of contraindications for this procedure. The main contraindications:

  • prostate cancer;
  • acute bacterial prostatitis and urethritis;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • BPH in most severe forms;
  • tuberculous lesions of the prostate;
  • stones and cysts in the prostate.

A detailed manual for using Prostata Help MP-1 is present in the set. Be sure to follow all the instructions, as well as to consult your doctor before using the device. Note that when you do it for the first time, the procedure is to last no more than five minutes. Then you can gradually increase the time. If you happen to feel a severe pain (no matter if it is the first procedure or not), you must immediately stop the massage.

For achieving a really perceptible effect, you must carry out at least ten procedures. The effect that you need is about 0.5–2 milliliter of prostatic secretion, that is, of whitish fluid which is produced by the prostate.

Keep in mind that currently there are a great many fake models having no certificate or license. These massagers can harm you. Therefore, it is crucial to get the original, which can be done only via the official web-site. It is very easy and will take a few minutes. All you need to do is fill out a special form and give your contacts. If you have any questions, you can contact a manager, and he will provide you with all the necessary information. Also, the site provides customers with absolute confidentiality, so do not worry that someone will know about the purchase.


Prostate massage is effective when prostate problems already exist and when there are no complaints at all. Men who do not have complaints and problems with the prostate gland should be aware of the importance of prostate massage as a measure of prevention of manifold diseases concerning the prostate, especially prostatitis and BPH. No one is immune from such problems, so it is better to prevent a disease than to treat it. And your best assistant in this case is Prostata Help MP-1, definitely the best prostate massager. It will help you get rid of prostatitis as quick as possible, as well as relieve pain and prevent relapses. Besides, it may be used as a preventive means against prostatitis and related diseases, including benign prostatic hyperplasia, problems with urination and erection, etc.

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