How to cure prostatitis?

Prostatitis is known to be acute or chronic prostate inflammation among men. This can be caused as a result of infection or congestion of blood in the small pelvis low tension circulation; it can be adromia, disimmunity and many other factors. In order to avoid influencing of these factors the prostatitis prevention measures have to be done. It is important to pay attention to man’s lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity.

The main reasons for appearing prostatitis are:

  • Sedentary lifestyle and a confining job;
  • Continence of sexual activity for a long period;
  • Irregular and disorderly nutrition, leading to metabolic disorders
  •  Bad habits: smoking, consumption of alcohol;
  • Chronic diseases of urogenital system;
  • Frequent sexual partner changes elevate the risk of prostatitis;
  • Venereal diseases and urogenital infections;
  • Ejaculation delay during a coitus;
  • Excessive consumption of greasy, salty and spicy food
  • Constipations for a long time and hemorrhoid;
  • Low immunity.

The sooner man begins taking remedies in prostatitis prevention activity the more chance he has so as to save his health, fertility and to avoid facing bph symptoms and appearing of the enlarged prostate.

Primary and secondary prevention

Prevention activities can be divided into primary and secondary ones.

  • Primary prevention aims at disease development prevention, and each man who reaches the age за thirty has to think of it.
  • Secondary prevention is important for men who are unfortunately familiar with prostatitis. It aims at taking actions that prevent reappearance of the disease and prevention from of its degenerating r into chronic form.  

In general, a prevention of prostatitis includes a wide variety of therapeutic and preventive measures, which are not only prevent the disease but also improve the quality of men’s life and increase life expectancy.

Essential ways to prevent prostatitis for men

That men who are at risk of falling sick with prostatitis have to pay careful attention to their health. Firstly, it is related to that men who lead sedentary lifestyle and that men who have a job, which is linked to being in wet environment and undercooling conditions. Prostatitis prevention, which is taken in advance, can protect them from the unpleasant disease. Apart from, the primary prevention will save money, which could be spent on treatment of the disease.

It is recommended to follow the uncomplicated rules at home in order to prevent the unpleasant disease:

  1. Man has to lead active lifestyle and go to the gym. If your job is sedentary, you need to take time off and walk around. In this way, the small pelvis stagnation of blood can be avoided.
  2. Sex plays an important role in the men’s health. Long time ago showed that frequency and peculiarity of men’s sexual activity have a direct impact on prostate status. However, promiscuity are additional sources of an infection. Different deviations, extended periods of sexual abstinence or intentional prolongation and interruption of coitus have a negative impact on prostate status. Therefore, the ideal coitus for prostate health is a regular and measured sex with the constant partner.
  3. A diet must be based on products that are healthy for the whole organism and especially for prostate. A dietary structure has to consist of low in fat fish and meat, cereal, fermented milk products, fresh vegetables and fruit, dried fruit, seafood, honey, natural juices and beverages. It is recommended to limit or stop a consumption of alcohol, fizzy drinks, greasy or smoked food, pastry, garlic, onion, mushrooms and byproducts.
  4. It is important to avoid becoming too cold. Great significance to the prostatitis prevention is condition of man’s organism immune protection. Men have to wear warmer clothes and avoid draft.
  5. Decrease in immunity that was caused by excessive fatigue, stress, undercooling and diseases in past can provoke the appearance of prostatitis. Therefore, prostatitis prevention has to be focused on organizing of a full-value relaxation and sleeping.
  6. It is significant to have a contrast shower in order to prevent the disease. Massage with water streams not only activates immunity, but also enhances blood circulation in the area of inguinal region. 
  7. Men have to visit an urologist and undergo screening regularly. Do it, even if you do not have any symptoms of the disease. This is of particular importance in the case if you had prostatitis in the past. First year after disease, you have to visit urologist every three months. The next three years you should visit a doctor every six months. If you are a man in the age of forty years, you have to pass the prostate ultrasonic research.

Prostatitis prevention is an important condition for man’s health maintenance for a long period. When choosing prevention methods, it is important to consider the reason of the disease. Because the factors influencing prostatitis can be different. On the part of some men it can be sedentary lifestyle, as far as others concerned, it may be bad habits or irregular sexual activity.

Prostatitis prevention with the aid of the massager

A prostate massage is known to be the most efficient prostatitis prevention and helps to avoid the disease. It is also considered to be natural bph treatment and effective therapy for an enlarged prostate. Among other thing, doctors include a prostate massage together with medicaments, vitamins and other means in comprehensive treatment of the disease. The massage can be done with aid of the finger or special apparatus. Lately, the massager Prostata help Mp-1 is becoming more popular.

How does it work? 

  • During a prostate stimulation, mechanical irritation of the prostate tissues and reflex of the vessels happens. Due to this fact, congestion of the arterial blood is restored. The nutrients and oxygen come into prostate and owing to this fact, biochemical reactions are accelerated and activity of inflammatory process is increased.
  • As a result of blood and lymph outflow across the lymphatic and venous vessels, prostate oedema increases and the pain disappears.
  • Secretion outflow happens because of the spasm removal and the widening of the gland duct, which are very good for the prostate prevention and treatment.
  • A number of doctors prescribe massage together with antibiotics because they improve entering of medicaments into prostate.

Indications and contraindications for doing massage

Prostate massage is recommended to do in the presence of the following:

  1. Chronic inflammatory process.
  2. Vesiculitis.
  3. Chronic pain in pelvic area.
  4.  Premature ejaculation.
  5. Impotence and erection problems.
  6. Libido reduction and absence of the sexual desire.

However, there is a lot of contradictions for the massage. It is forbidden to do the massage, if they present, because they can cause unwanted complications. They include:

  • Existence of tumor-like process.
  • Acute bacterial prostatitis, which is accompanied by the fever as well as the intoxication.
  • Late stage of the prostate adenoma.
  • Acute pyelonephritis, cystitis or urethritis.
  • Hemorrhoid, proctitis, paraproctitis.
  • Existence of stones or other obstacles, which can disturb liquid outflow from prostate.
  • Signs of prostate infection.

Advantages of the massage with the aid of the apparatus

It is much more effective to do the massage with the aid of the massager than using a finger. However, plenty of men reject it, because of the shame and embarrassing that appears when men go to the hospital. Others are confused with a high price of the procedure. Finally, they deprive themselves of the possibility to have remarkable treatment.

The massager Prostata Help Mp-1 allows to do the massage at home without involvement of the medical staff. This device can be used not only for treatment but also for prostatitis prevention and other men’s urogenital system problems. 

This device has useful form and this fact gives a possibility to reach inside the prostate as much as possible. So effective prostate massage can be done easily. Waterproof silicon covering makes the process of the massage to be safe. Among other things, it is possible to discover this apparatus location on the Internet resources.

How can you do this procedure at home?

  • You need to urinate prior to beginning the massage. (It will help you to avoid discomfort)
  • Then you need to lie down on your side and bend your knees.
  • You have to Vaseline your anus in order to enter the massager without feeling any pain.
  •  You have to sanitize the massager with antiseptic and put a condom on it so as not to be infected.
  •   The massager Prostate Help Mp-1 has to be input to the depth of 5-7 centimeter. Only then the massage will be the most effective.
  • The first few times the duration of the procedure does not have to be more than 5-7 minute. Then it can be increased gradually.
  • You need to do at least 10 procedures in order to reach a positive dynamics.
  • If you do everything correctly, the prostate fluid has to be exuded.

There is a numerous of feedbacks on the pages of the Internet, where men share their experience of using the massager. It has been concluded that positive impact of the apparatus has the following:

  • Relaxation of the pelvis muscles and smooth vessels muscles.
  • The improvement in blood circulation, removing of the swelling and prostate inflammation.
  • Supply of the oxygen, improvement of metabolic process.
  • Regular allocation of seminal fluid, improvement of its circulation.
  • Normalization of the urinating, removing of pressure on urinary bladder.
  • Improvement of potency and libido enhancing.

The massager Prostate help-1 is an important way of the prostatitis treatment. However, the treatment of the disease will be more effective if you fulfill all doctor’s prescriptions. So, it is recommended to be consulted by an urologist before starting to do the massage.

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