The best tips for prostatitis treatment

Prostatitis is a prolonged (more than three months), implicitly or explicitly occurring inflammatory process that affects the structure of the prostate. It may be a slow process with no visible manifestations.

Chronic prostatitis today is rather common in men of any age. The young are at risk no less than the elderly ones.

A man might not suspect of its emergence, and the disease is progressing, becoming irreversible. The name "chronic" indicates neglect, a long course of the disease. Prostatitis is diagnosed either in the acute type, when it proceeds rapidly, or by accident, during preventive health checkups.

In acute prostatitis, symptoms usually come and go away rather quickly. As to the chronic type, there is chronic bacterial prostatitis and chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), which occurs much more frequently than the bacterial type.

Chronic prostatitis symptoms

The first symptoms are usually quite confusing, as they resemble those of other diseases. Discomfort in the genital area affects the nervous system. Excessive irritability, "explosive" responses to trifles, apathy, insomnia, weakness, and fatigue occur due to the problems with the reproductive system. There is also lack of appetite. Other people resent a patient’s grumbling, they consider it a caprice, "bad temper". In fact, it is the symptoms of prostate problems which definitely require correction of the condition and adequate treatment.

Other symptoms of chronic prostatitis:

  1. Increased frequency of urination.
  2. Pain affecting the groin, perineum, rectum. There is constant pain in the scrotum, glans penis, sacrum.
  3. Urination is painful, especially in the beginning and at the end.
  4. The perineum seems to be cold – it is due to poor blood circulation.
  5. Even the color of the skin, locally, in the projection of the area of pain.
  6. There may be a certain amount of prostate secretion. It results from a weak tone gland: when a person strains, of iron or withhold part of the content.
  7. Disturbance of sexual function is especially hard to bear. Chronic prostatitis develops slowly, not acutely, but it greatly affects sexual function. Problems with the prostate weaken erection and ejaculation. The production of testosterone (the hormone of masculinity) is reduced, which leads to loss of libido. As a result, a sense of inferiority appears. A man of any age needs to be a man in every sense.

Chronic prostatitis treatment

Prostatitis is usually treated by using complex therapy. Apart from taking medicines, here belong various medical procedures and folk remedies.  A lifestyle is also very important – improper nutrition, casual sex and sedentary lifestyle lead to the development of chronic prostatitis.

Medication consists primarily in prescribing anti-inflammatory medicines, analgesics, and preparations which stimulate immunomodulatory functions of the body cells – Timalinum, Methyluracilum, Prodigiosanum. In most cases antibiotics are necessary as well. These are usually Azithromycinum, Macropen, Wilprafen. To avoid dysbiosis, doctors prescribe probiotics.

To enhance the effect of medicines, there are various physiotherapy procedures administered for successful recovery. The most efficient of them is prostate massage. In fact, it is impossible to cure this disease without applying this measure.

If the case is most severe, there may be necessity of surgical intervention. However, considering the risk of complications after resorting to such a radical method, it is used infrequently.

It should be noted that most of the drugs "treating" prostate gland are fraud – their effectiveness equals zero. Pharmacy mafia earns a great deal of money by deceiving the people. So, what is to be done?

As has been mentioned, prostatitis is successfully treated by means of prostate massage. It is not the most pleasant procedure – it is commonly carried out manually by a doctor, through the anus. Most men are hesitant to do it for quite obvious reasons.

Today there is an excellent alternative: you can practice a self-massage by using a special device – prostate massager.

In searching for this massager, you might come across a great many offers from such companies as Paloqueth, Nexus, Rocks-Off, Aneros, etc. Keep in mind that they are meant primarily for sexual pleasure, and not for prostate care. They usually have a number of disadvantages such as improper material, wrong size, lack of some necessary functions.

Here is another variant – Prostata Help MP-1, a device which fully meets our purpose. Before proceeding to its features and benefits, let us find out what a prostate massage is and why it is so efficient.

Effectiveness of prostate massage

The mechanical impact on the prostate gland tissue causes irritation of the nerves and vasodilatation, which improves micro-circulation in prostate gland. Increased level of the blood flow to the prostate gland increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients required for processes of recovery. It also enhances the penetration of prostate tissue by medicines.

Also, prostate massage triggers the prostate secretion and prevents the development of stagnant phenomenon. Prostate massage contributes to the complete cleansing of the body from pathogenic agents. In addition, the tone of the muscular elements of prostate and the muscles of perineum comes to normal.

Prostata Help MP-1 – the best prostate massager

Prostata Help MP-1 is definitely the most effective means for in-home treatment for prostatitis. It is very popular among men all over the world. It is used in both bacterial and non-bacterial types of prostatitis, and increases the effectiveness of antibiotics. Besides, it is used as natural BPH treatment, that is, in cases of enlarged prostate, if it is not too neglected. Using this massager, you will succeed in curing such unpleasant diseases as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and inflammation of the seminal vesicles (vesiculitis), as well as potency disturbance and reduced libido. In addition, you are sure to avoid relapses.

When massaging your prostate with Prostata Help MP-1, you feel no pain or discomfort – on the contrary, after the massage there is a rush of energy along with the appearance of strong sexual desire.

The main advantages of Prostata Help MP-1:

  • The massage with the help of this device can be carried out whenever you like. You can massage your prostate by yourself, without spending any more money. The time of this procedure is about three-five minutes a day!
  • You can choose the time and the duration of massage yourself. Furthermore, having cured prostatitis, you can take preventive actions with Prostata Help MP-1.
  • The massage device comes complete with a manual that explains in which diseases it can be used and how to carry out the procedure.
  • It has the right stiffness which makes it easy to reach the prostate gland.
  • The correct organic form allows you to have easy access to the prostate. Also, you can adjust the massager so that it can fit you perfectly, considering the individual structure of your organism. This feature makes the device completely universal.
  • Silicone waterproof material ensures safe and quite convenient use.
  • It has very good efficacy in treatment of practically all the kinds of prostatitis. Besides, the procedure with using this massage device increases sexual desire in men and contributes to the improvement of erections and libido.
  • The use of this massage device relieves cramping and tension, it provokes blood flow, which stimulates the recovery. It also reduces swelling and relieves pain.

How to use the massager

If you use this device, you will find that in-home prostatitis treatment is quite easy.

  1. The main thing is to relax. If your anus is strained, it will be difficult or impossible for a device to penetrate it.
  2. The set contains condoms – put one on the massager.
  3. You can use additional lubricant, though the diameter of this massager is rather small, and the surface of the device is smooth.
  4. You need to take a comfortable position and insert the device into your rectum. It is quite understandable how to do it – the form of Prostata Help MP-1 speaks for itself.
  5. Press the button to turn on the massager.
  6. The duration of one procedure depends on your disease, but usually it is about three-five minutes. The first few procedures must not last more than this.
  7. After the massage, you need to wash the device (it is waterproof) and dry it.

It is preferable to repeat the procedure every day.

Be sure to consult your doctor before using it. There are certain contraindications in the use of Prostata Help MP-1, including the presence of malignant tumors, BPH in the neglected form, cystitis, hemorrhoids, acute prostatitis, inflammation of urethra, kidneys, or the mucous membrane of the rectum.

If you have any problems in the genital area, it is necessary to visit a doctor. Any disease is much easier to treat at the initial stages, and neglected cases may cause severe complications. If the doctor prescribes massage, the best variant for you is Prostata Help MP-1. This will be much cheaper and by far more convenient than regular services of the urologist. It is worth noting once more that you are not to use toys from sex shops or any “handy tools”. It is likely to aggravate the situation.

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