What is the best prostatitis medication?

What is the function of the prostate and what is prostatitis?

Most of us are quite aware of the necessity to carefully monitor the health of one’s heart, to look after the health of the lungs, etc. But there are few men who remember that a special care is needed for their "second heart" – the prostate gland. It is a small walnut-sized organ. It is not every male who knows where the organ is and what it is meant for. Still, it is often one of the most significant causes of men’s health problems. Moreover, the trouble can overtake both a teenager and an elderly man.

Prostate gland (or just prostate) is a musculo-glandular organ which is a part of the reproductive system of men. It is located in the pelvis, under the bladder, and weighs only about 20-30 grams. The main function of the prostate is to produce fluid that is part of semen.

Like any other disease, the prostate inflammation – the most common disease of the prostate – is easier to prevent than to treat, and is easier to cure at the early stages. Therefore, it is essential that each man should know what causes an inflamed prostate as well as possible to be able to see a doctor timely.

Symptoms of prostatitis

The commonest disease related to this gland is prostatitis. It is concerned with the inflammation of the prostate. Among the characteristic features of the inflamed prostate are the disorder of the urinary system and that of sexual function. The reason for the former is, when inflamed, the prostate increases in size and begins to squeeze the urethra. The latter is manifested in weakened erection and weak intensity of orgasm. In addition, the following symptoms are to be found:

  • burning sensation in perineum and urethra;
  • unpleasant sensations in the bladder and the prostate when emptying the bowel (defecation);
  • frequent and increased intensity of desires to urinate;
  • discharge from urethra after defecation;
  • floating "threads" in urine;
  • increased general fatigue;
  • the deterioration of erection;
  • weak orgasms;
  • chills and fever.

Among the usual prostate affections is also benign prostatic hyperplasia (or BPH). Its symptoms resemble those of prostatitis, but the cause is different – it consists in prostate enlargement. It occurs less frequently than prostatitis, but the consequences are quite severe as well.


The usual prostatitis medication consists in taking antibiotics and alpha-blockers; other drugs are also possible for enhancing the effect. As far as BPH cure is concerned, alpha-blockers are also used, along with 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors.

In addition, some males are inclined to make use of natural cure for prostate infection – these include multiple herbs and food stuffs useful for fighting this disease (as well as BPH). It is worth noting a rigid diet is an obligatory means to achieve good results.

For successful treatment doctors also administer different kinds of physiotherapy. The most important of them is prostate massage, which is to be regarded as another natural cure for prostatitis, in contrast to the purely medical remedies with all their side-effects.

Note! The proper treatment is combining the use of medicines and massage, not employing only one of these methods.

Prostate massage can be carried out manually as well as with the help of a special prostate massager. It goes without saying men do not much like the idea of someone else performing this delicate procedure. So a better variant is to use a prostate massager – then you can do it yourself. Besides, it gives more effective results as compared to the other option; it is definitely the best way to massage a prostate.

And here a question arises – “What massage device is most suitable for this purpose?” Let us consider some variants and determine which one may be considered the best.

Prostate massagers:

Nexus Neo

This option has the right size and form providing painless penetration and massage. The massager Nexus Neo is equipped with a handle which makes it easy to operate the stimulator. The handle is also a barrier for a massager not to slip inside. A massage roller made of stainless steel provides a unique sensation from perineum massage during the prostate stimulation. Yet, it lacks vibration, which is no good for our purpose.

Nexus Neo is made of polypropylene, that is, of plastic, a material not desirable, as it has adverse effect on such a delicate body part.

Pros: proper size and form; a massage roller

Cons: no vibration; material is not right

Aneros Helix Syn

This one also has quite an agreeable size for being used by those who are unaccustomed to prostate massage. It is convenient in home use. There is no roller, but, like the previous one, it has a perineum tab which is, however, rather uncomfortable, according to customers’ reviews. The function of vibration is not available either.

Aneros Helix Syn is made of silicone, not plastic, which is definitely an advantage.

Pros: right material; agreeable size

Cons: no vibration; inconvenient perineum tab

Prostate Help MP-1

The most successful version. It is devoid of such things as perineum tab or other elements for providing extra pleasant sensations, but the thing is that they are absolutely unnecessary, as our aim is not pleasure but treatment. The form and size are perfect, it has all the advantages of the two previous variants; furthermore, it is made of silicone and provides necessary vibration.

Pros: perfect size and from; right material; vibration

Cons: -

As is seen from comparison, Prostate Help MP-1 is definitely the best prostate massager. There are, of course, many other similar products apart from those mentioned above, but they are also not as good as this one, considering all disadvantages they usually have. Besides, it is urologists themselves who strongly recommend this very product. It is meant exactly for medical aims – Prostate Help MP-1 is produced in accordance with all the special needs of those suffering from inflamed prostate or another related disease.

So, when we determine which variant is the best one, let us take a closer look to at what we have chosen.

Prostate Help MP-1 characteristics

As has been mentioned, the massager has a number of benefits which distinguish it from its analogues.

  1. The massager is made of high quality natural elastic silicone, which is completely safe.
  2. It has the best possible diameter (2 centimeters) and a convenient form, which makes it utterly easy and effective to carry out the prostate massage at home.
  3. MP-1 has the most effective frequency of vibration.
  4. Detailed instructions for operation of the device are described simple and clear.

The package includes the massager, three condoms, batteries, and the application manual.


Before using the device, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as there are certain contraindications to the use of Prostate Help MP-1.

  • tumors of the prostate;
  • acute prostatitis;
  • BPH at the advanced stages;
  • cystitis and hemorrhoids;
  • inflammation of the rectum.

It should be especially noted that the device is perfectly fit for chronic forms of prostatitis, but it is definitely contraindicated in cases of acute form. The use of the massager in such cases can cause severe complications. Similarly, it can be employed for BPH cure if there is the early stage of the disease.

How the device works

The form of Prostate Help MP-1 is very convenient and provides good access to the prostate. Before starting the procedure, you should get acquainted with the instructions for the use and conduct several trials. You must stick to the following steps:

  1. Insert batteries in the device.
  2. Put protective means (condoms) on the massager.
  3. Relax and take a comfortable posture.
  4. Carefully insert the device in the rectum to a depth of 5-7 cm. Before the procedure, it is desirable to defecate.
  5. Turn on the massager by pressing the button.
  6. After the use, wash and dry it.

The duration of prostate massage must be at first 3-5 minutes, then it can be gradually increased to 6 minutes. The number of sessions is not less than ten. Prostate secretion testifies to the correctness of the procedure being performed.

  • Prostate Help MP-1 is an original medical device which is realized only by the official manufacturer.
  • The device is not a sex toy; it is to be used only for its designated purpose. Before using, you must read the manual.
  • Real reviews after applying this beneficial massage device can be read on forums. Remember to find out a doctor’s opinion as well.

Each male is to look after his health, especially when it comes to such a delicate organ as prostate. A timely visit to a doctor may prevent the development of serious maladies and severe complications. Treatment for prostate diseases, especially for prostatitis, takes a long time and consists of therapeutic treatment and physiotherapy. Medicines, strict diet, folk remedies, and other methods are of help only when they are combined with a prostate massage. Having bought a quality massager, you can forget about unpleasant trips to hospital and undergo a quite decent treatment at home with the best prostate massager Prostate Help MP-1.

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