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Questions and answers regarding the penis and device use

You treat all forms of prostatitis even and bph symptoms with the help of the apparatus. However, the acute bacterial prostatitis and prostate cancer can not be treated with this device. If you do not have a high temperature or too sharp pain, you can use the massager Prostate Help MP-1. It is useful and necessary.

Efficiency of the massager Prostate Help MP - 1 is rather high. Its positive effect achieves more than 97 per cent. The massage appears to be very comfortable, fast and safety.

You need to do prevention in order to avert illness. If you use the massager three-four times a year, you will never have prostatitis.

Optimal period for doing massage is from three to five minutes. However, it depends on your general condition. In addition, you can significantly improve the result from the therapy if you do Kegel exercise during the massage. It means you need to constrict your prostate.

Primarily, the prostate massage is an extremely advantageous procedure. You have to choose on your own whether you should do it at home or in an urological consulting room. As far as quality of the massage concerned, it is much more effective to use the massager at home because you can choose the most suitable duration of the massage and control the speed on your own. In addition, it is much more comfortable procedure, which save your time and money.

Device warranty accounts for 12 months. It is absolutely water-proof and hermetic. It has silicone structure and is made of high quality silicone SilTECH USA Pro. Its batteries are of sort AAA and they are removable. It is easy to change them.

There are a lot of different prostate massagers and 99,9 per cent of them refer to sex toys. Their composition consists of polyvinyl chloride and their diameter can exceed acceptable values for medical usage of prostate massager. Therefore, it is necessary to use only proven massagers, such as the Prostate Help Mp-1. Its dimensions are optimal for massage as well as frequency and vibration. The massager consists of high quality silicone Usa Siltech Pro 2018.

No. Using the massager is a completely painless procedure. The massager’s diameter is 0.7 inch, which is thickness of an urologist's finger. Therefore, input of the massager doesn’t hurt and doesn’t cause any pain.

The massager Prostate Help Mp – 1 consists of high quality silicone – Siltech Pro USA 2018. The complete set includes four special condoms, instruction manual in eight languages and an extra battery. The average work time of the device with one battery is two months.

We deliver to all the countries. We have two kind of delivery:
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