Prostate help MP-1

2018 year Edition
  • Cures all kinds of prostatitis in particular nonbacterial prostatitis and chronic form of illness. The illness can be treated easily without leaving your home.
  • Excludes the problems with an erection.
  • Boosts the total tonus and libido.
  • Resuscitates sexual desire.
  • Helps to do away with prostate retention
  • Functions like prevention of many urological illnesses.
  • Contributes to curing premature ejaculation.
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Using of the massager is the best way to be free of prostatitis from 5 to 22 days.

* it depends on the complexity of the disease


Prostatitis, it is also named as the inflammation of the prostate, is the most common urological disease among men around the world. According to the statistics, there are 8% of all men suffer from prostatitis, however, this number is related to the men who go to the hospital for treatment their urological problems. In the reality, there are 25 per cent of all men who are elder than 25 years have prostatitis. Unfortunately, the main reasons of this disease can be such as undercooling, traumas, lowering of immune systems, blood and lymph circulation failure in pelvic organs, hormonal disorders, sexually transmitted diseases.

Prostate help mp-1 is an efficient way to heal prostatitis in your home. It is very popular among men throughout the planet. This device works effectively both with chronic form and bacterial one (when man feels sharp pain) and it can easily increase antibiotics efficiency.

The massager can easily help you establish your health and abilities stop your distress from prostatitis, and you will never actually come down with this disease in the future owing to the illness prevention.

Prostate help Mp-1
An urology doctor’s room
the length of the treatment session
From 5 to 7 minutes
From 30 to 60 seconds
Frequency of contractions
20 contractions per second
1 contraction per second

The massaging apparatus can help you significantly enhance the efficiency of the therapy and you can as well save your time and money curing yourself at home. You do not have to waste your time on seeing doctors and pay extra money.

The form of the massaging apparatus has the structure of men’s body

Urologist’s finger diameter is about 0,39 – 0,7 inch

The Prostate Help Mp-1 device’s diameter is 0,7 inch

In the process of the massage prostate with the aid of the massaging apparatus, you will not perceive any unpleasantness, and after massaging, quite the opposite, you appear to be energetic and powerful and your sexual desire is renewed. More importantly, as for men, sex is preferable during the treatment.

Scientifically speaking

Mechanical action on prostate tissues is a reason of appearing of local irritation of nerve-endings and vasodilation. Consequently, prostate microcirculation is boosted. The blood flow level is increased and, therefore, enhances not only delivering of nutrients and oxygen, which are essential for the healing process but it also improves penetration of medicines into prostate tissues.

The prostate massage also contributes to secretion of the prostate fluid and expels the bacterium that are inside of the prostate fluid from tubules of the prostate, it prevents from the progression of stagnant phenomena (congestion of the prostate fluid inside the tubules). According to the scientific data, while men are ill with chronic prostatitis, bacterium which colonizing prostate can change their form and become unreceptive to antibiotics. The prostate stimulation stimulates bacterium and together with antimicrobial drugs causes that the organ becomes absolutely cleaned from infection. Among other things, when you do prostate massage, the normal tonus of prostate muscle segments and the perineum muscles are restored.

The Prostate help mp - 1 has all the required international and Russian certificates of approval and the leading specialists in urology all over the world have approved it as an effective cure of prostatitis. The massager was certified by such certification agencies as IQNET, ISO, ROHS, which are the most serious ones in the field of global medicine.





Advantages of the massaging apparatus:

anatomically correct structure

absolutely water-proof and nonallergic

it consists of real silicone

the right mix of stiffness and flexibility provides comfortable usage of the massager.

Old price: $99,90 New price: $59,90
2018 year Edition

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Good evening! My name is Mikhail. I am 75. I have been sick with the prostatitis for a really long time and antibiotics treatment was not effective for me. I spent a half of my pension on treatment of the illness but without proper result. When I visited doctor once again, he said to me that nothing can help me because my organism developed an immunity to antibiotics. Anyway, I didn’t listen to doctors anymore and bought the massager from your company. It was written in the instruction that if antibiotics do not work properly, you just need to operate with the massager. I did everything that was written there and I felt better after a while. After using it for a month, I even stopped feeling a tingling and spasm. I can’t say that I have absolutely recovered but now I don’t feel prostate pain at least. So, I satisfied with this apparatus for treating of prostatitis.

My name is Galina. My husband has been suffering from prostatitis for seven years. We had a lot of problems in our family. Periodically he felt sharp pain and we went to doctors multiple times. For this period, he took plenty of medications but without proper result. Fortunately, I met one woman in the hospital who advised me to buy the massager to stimulate my husband’s prostate. Surprisingly, after third massage the sharp pain left him, and after eleventh massage his erection recovered. I have never felt like this in a really long time. I am so grateful to the producers of the massager.

The uniqueness of Prostate Help MP-1

Prostate Help MP-1 is not to be confused with:

Sex toys

They are chiefly made of polyvinyl chloride, which is too rigid and is not meant for medicinal purposes

Outdated prostate massagers

These were created in the Soviet era and have very low efficiency and poor access to the prostate gland

Why is it worth curing with the help of the apparatus Prostate help mp-1

  • The unique right and organic form allows to have an easy accession to prostate.
  • Pure silicon water-proof base provides comfortable and safe handling.
  • It has rather high efficiency in the prostatitis therapy of all kinds, erection recovery, libido enhancement and boosting of men’s sexual desire.
  • The medical apparatus is complicated with instruction manual in Russian language that helps you to work with the massager properly.
  • The massager is an exceptional prevention of many urological illnesses.

Why is it worth ordering this unique apparatus from our company?

  • We are an authorized producer of the Prostate help mp-1, therefore, you don’t have to overpay to any agents.
  • You have possibility to order the most efficient apparatus for prostatitis therapy, which exists now.
  • The device is completed, in addition, with three condoms and an extra battery, which permit to improve its efficiency.
  • The apparatus has an instruction manual in Russian language, where you can read the therapy plan for all forms of chronic prostatitis, among other things, and bacterial form.

Component parts

100% guarantee of anonymity

Prostate help-1 is packed in opaque wrapping and without any identification marks. We guarantee you 100% anonymity. Nobody, even postal workers and courier will be aware what is inside of the parcel. We realize how it is significant for you.

Today, our company give you the opportunity to buy this medical apparatus at new price – only $59,90. The previous price was $99,90.

Old price: $99,90 New price: $59,90
2018 year Edition

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