Why it ought to be great: Frankly, this seems like it may be this season’s Inception. With loads of mindfucks happening, it is a thriller between HD degrees of truth and mystical forces. Matt Damon actually tends to glow in these kinds of films. The trailer has me quite intrigued and seems like it may give quite an amazing adventure. Though this is Nolfi’s directorial debut, he’d compose The Bourne Ultimatum, so will be booted with Damon once more. So with some fantastic source material, and a writer that could definitely perform the component (as exemplified by The Bourne Ultimatum) we might have a genuine treat.

Why it may suck That can be Nolfi’s first time in the manager’s seat, so we are going to have to wait and see whether he is in over his head. What’s more, it’s being billed as a tool of a love thriller. So let us hope they do not go overboard with all the love part and make it a sappy romance movie for which they forfeit some of this plot to concentrate on the love affair.


Manager: Rob Marshall

What’s it: Jack Sparrow and Barbossa embark on a search to get the elusive fountain of youth, only to find that Blackbeard and his daughter are following it too.

Why it ought to be great: Some individuals have loathed them. Some have thought they have gotten worse since they moved along. I have discovered the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for an enjoyable experience. Only a fun film with lots of experience, some cool special effects, and only good times. And perhaps it’s my own man-crush I’ve on Depp, but I am totally thrilled to see him back as Jack Sparrow. The personality is so much fun and constantly provides for some amusement. Should be interesting to see how they go about freshening up the franchise in addition to they receive a brand new cast of characters although Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are outside.

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